Monday, October 31, 2011

And Then Came Mama

Mama was a little, grey wild cat. When two grey cats came around in the middle of winter one year, the little girl with two huge, raw, scabbing over, scraped spots on her back and the little boy with a broken tail, we, of course, fed them and let them stay in the shed to stay out of the cold weather. I thought back to the early summer when I had seen to grey kittens outside and when I had called to them, they ran off and I thought they were running back home. After seeing these two young grey cats I knew they were those two kittens and I figured out what had happened. A college student had gotten two kitties and went home for the summer sans kittens and they were left on their own. So their first year of life was definitely not an easy one.

Spring time came and the little girl had kittens in the neighbor's window well. One day it just poured down rain and stormed to beat the band and Denny went to check the little family and found one of the kittens lost out in the rain, brought him over and dried him off, got him warmed up and took him back to his mama after the storm. We worked with them during the summer to get them to come inside, but no, although Broken Tail started to come in just a little bit. Mama moved the family to our yard in some bushes, around the shed and they would come up onto the deck and play.

When the weather started to cool off and head towards winter the four kittens were playing on the deck and I slid open the door and put some food about four feet inside it and they actually came in to eat. While they were eating I slid the door closed and they went ballistic, but I kept them in. We didn't want them to go through a winter like their mama and uncle Broken Tail did. Northern Illinois winters are not at all warm. We named them Tillie, Misti, Pippie, and Tut. By that time Broken Tail was coming inside regularly so when he came in again the little ones weren't quite so afraid.

A few days later it was cold and rainy and I saw Mama on the deck and slid the door open so she would come in and get food. She had started to slip in a little ways at a time to eat, but this time I had the food further from the door than usual and slid the door shut when she was all the way in. She didn't go quite so ballistic as the babies, just a little. A few days later she gave us some more kittens....behind my computer desk.... seven of them.... all grey. Broken Tail was a daddy.

Sid, Nancy, and Goldie weren't too sure about those little bitty things, but they caved and played with them when they got old enough to play. Tut was the first of  Mama's  "teens" to tame down some, then Tillie tamed down a bit to where we could pet her and eventually hold her. Tillie was a bossy little thing. Pippie would come down stairs and Tillie would chase her right back up. Seth was living with us for awhile and had been there several months and one day saw Pippie and wondered where the cat-with-the-crazy-eyes came from, when we got her. Told him she'd come with the others.

Mama had taught her kids to stay away from two-legged-tall-walkers, they weren't to be trusted. She taught them well! Tut is tame, Misti we can pet but she is still skittish, Pippie we can pet once in a great while. Those two still remember Mama's teachings and they've been with us for....eight years now. We did try to give them away. Someone came and got Tillie, since she was KIND of tame. They brought her back the next day, Tillie was just frantic.

The Illusive Laser Light

This is Goldie, Sid, plastic turtle, Nancy, and Babe, searching for that illusive laser light.

Lucky Little Dude McCloud

November of 2002 my oldest son saw a little kitten at work by the dumpsters and went to get him, but he ran away. Couple days later Mike was over by the dumpster and saw the little guy again and he was just so hungry and weak, he couldn't run. Mike took him home and fed him, kept him warm, put some flea stuff on him and he started getting stronger. They called the little guy Lucky.

When I was there after church one Sunday I took the little guy home with me since Mike couldn't keep him. I drove home with him cradled inside my coat and he decided I was his new mama. I called him Little Dude. He was just adorable, no bigger than a good sized spit wad. Grey, shiny, long fur and grey eyes.

Angie came over to visit one day and fell in love with him and called him MacCloud, since he was grey and cloudy. So I suppose his full name was Lucky Little Dude McCloud. :)  He sure was a little cutie pie.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Additions

Mom, Angie (my niece), and I took one of our Girl's Weekend Trips to Beardstown and I was sure to remind hubby and son to NOT let Thomas in the house. Well..  they neither one listened and Thomas and Babe had a rendezvous without Bud.... the little Casanova. He was still a good lookin' Casanova, though.

In September I flew home with Mom to Florida and we stayed at a condo on Treasure Island. It was good. BEACH!!!  The day after we got down there Denny called and said Babe had babies... three little ones. We ended up  naming them Sid, Nancy, and Goldie.

Bud and Thomas

In the summer of 2001 a charmer cat came around, long fur, gold, handsome. We called him Thomas.

 He and Bud and Babe would play together and just have cool times. 
Thomas even taught Bud how to climb trees.

Bud was kinda scared at first... but he got to like it. He got rather pleased with the idea! 

Now Bud's a big shot who can climb trees!!

Bud and Babe

Bud still liked to sit on the monitor when I was working and I would lave a small blanket or sweater on my desk and he would curl up on or inside it and take a nap. But he also liked his Babe. They got to be pretty inseparable. They would nap together, play together, actually, Babe taught Bud HOW to play. He didn't really know how to play because he'd been in a cage his whole life until we brought him home with us.

One day Bud got outside. We were beside ourselves. He just wasn't an outside cat, he didn't know the ropes! We gotta FIND him! We looked and looked, called for him, walked around the yard, the neighborhood, got in the car and drove around a little further from the neighborhood, came back home. On the way home I got to thinking, when Bud looks out the window from my office or the front room he sees the house across the street and their yard, and I just bet he is over there somewhere. 

I stopped the car when we got in front of our homes, our's and the across the street neighbor's, got out and shined the flashlight around the bushes and such, and there he was. Under the large bush in his yard across the street. That's what he always saw outside so he considered it his. He was terrified, yep. So I took off my jacket, captured him, I wrapped him up in it so I could get him inside without being torn to shreds. He was THRILLED to be in his inside home!! He snuck out again but I knew where he would be. :)  Then he got used to going outside. He and Babe would play in the flowers and under the deck, loved it out there.


So after a month or so with Bud, we decided he needed a companion. A different companion than me. I was his main toy and I needed some time to myself! LOL  So we looked for another cat and found an adorable little striped kitten we named Bud's Babe. She liked the computer, too. LOL